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Will Tresmart work with the Treo 700p?
I don't know! If the file format of the Messaging program is the same as that of the Treo 650, then yes. Could you please let me know?

Can Tresmart save the SMS messages also to Outlook or Outlook Express?
No, or at least, not yet. Sooner or later I will implement the ability to save to Outlook and/or Outlook Express, provided I get enough incentive to do so. By the way: I'm open to suggestions - which of the two should I implement first?

Does Tresmart work on the Mac too?
No, I'm sorry. But if you pay me enough, and also buy me a Mac... :-)

What does Tresmart mean?
Tresmart stands for "TREo SMs ARchiving Tool", as well as for "très smart", which is Franglais (a mixture of English and French), and means "very smart"