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TRESMART is a program by which you can save (or archive, or back up, as you prefer) on a PC the SMS messages sent and received by your Treo (180, 270 or 600). It does so by reading the .PDB files which are the image on PC of the message database (these files are rewritten at every synchronization).

The messages are saved in one or more mailboxes of Eudora, the e-mail program by Qualcomm. They appear then as normal e-mails, with timestamp, sender and recipient. The subject is filled with the message text.

Eudora may be used in "sponsored" mode or in "light" mode, in which case it is free (no registration is required either). Eudora may be downloaded from

Many people use Eudora because it is essentially immune from all viruses which exploit the weak points of Outlook and Outlook Express. But it can also be used simply as a smart and convenient visualizer of the SMS messages of the Treo saved by TRESMART, without enabling it as an e-mail program (and absolutely without having it interefere with other e-mail programs). Furthermore, the .mbx files of Eudora are rather simple textfiles.

TRESMART is not a "Palm conduit". It does not synchronize a PC database with the SMS messages stored on the Treo. Any SMS message, which is in the synchronization files of the Treo but not in Eudora, is copied to Eudora, but not the other way round (by the way, this means that Tresmart cannot damage the synchronization files.) The SMS messages can be deleted from the Treo once they have been archived.

TRESMART is for free as long as only one mailbox of Eudora is used. To distribute the messages to different mailboxes, depending on their having been sent or received, and/or depending on the phone number, a license is needed. For the time being, this license is available for free to beta testers.