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What follows is the contents of the Tresmart.ini file currently shipped with Tresmart

// TRESMART - TREo SMs ARchiving Tool
// See for instructions
// A part of the instructions is contained in this file
// Any text following // on a line is ignored by Tresmart

myname   = Me   // e.g.: Albert Einstein, used to build the sender/recipient
mynumber = #    // e.g.: +49123456789,    used to build the sender/recipient
subject  = fill // fill | adjust | 1..99 (max number of words in subject)
ellipsis = ...  // used when subject is shorter than message
timeref  = message // message | record - ignored for Treo 180/270
timecorr = // e.g.: +6, if you need to advance the time of your messages by 6 hours
mbx      = sms  // or, e.g., SMS\sms (mailbox sms in folder SMS - careful: \, not / )
palmuser = Albert Einstein // as it appears in the top right corner of the Palm Desktop
license  = no   // needed for in/out mailboxes and filters by number

stop // all lines that follow are ignored by Tresmart

With a license you can use lines like the following ones:
in  = In  // may be any mailbox
out = Out // "
mbx +39234567890 = Galileo Galilei
in  +44345678901 = from Newton
out +44345678901 = to Newton
mbx +9876543210  = no // for not to save messages from/to this number

If you use Eudora with a data directory different from the installed one:
eudora = C:\Programmi\Qualcomm\Eudora\MyData // must appear BEFORE mbx, in or out

Mailbox names:
The separator between folder and mailbox is only the \ character (not the / character)
The mailbox names are the names as they appear in Eudora, not the filenames
(the filenames don't contain spaces and other characters, including the . and / characters)
If the .mbx and .toc files are not in the data directory of Eudora,
you can specify an absolute path to one of these files instead of the mailbox name;
in this case no translation from mailbox name to filename is done

The subject of an e-mail is limited to 63 characters in Eudora.
fill: fills the subject up to the limit, and appends ellipsis if a truncation occurred
adjust: like fill, but does not truncate words
1..99: (a number between 1 and 99) like adjust, but with this maximum number of words

May also be the absolute path of the directory where the SMS_*.PDB files are;
in this case it is not possible to use the license