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Tresmart is now freely downloadable - also in the version for the Treo 650
I don't have enough time to dedicate to Tresmart, especially considering that I have had very little support from my beta-testers, and that not even one of my beta-testers has thought of showing me their gratefulness by making a small donation via PayPal.
Therefore: you will have to do with it as it is. I'll work on it again only if I'll be enough motivated to do so (for example if you help me in the chasing of bugs).

I've added the link to PayPal. It's an easy way to say "thank you" or "keep at it" to me. All you need is a credit card or a PayPal account.
In case you don't already know: the credit card data are sent encrypted over the internet, and it's practically impossible to intercept them. You only need to watch out for two things: don't give your credit card to small companies who are not able to guarantee their secrecy (but PayPal is extremely secure from this point of view), and avoid having programs ("spyware") on your computer which are able to "read" your keystrokes ("keyloggers") and send them to bad people. In case you are not sure about keyloggers, you can reposition the cursor with the mouse while typing in your credit card data, in order to scramble your typing.

Still alive...
As you may have noticed, the development of Tresmart has somewhat come to a halt. This could change in the next months. I hope to get Tresmart to work with the Treo 650, and to make Tresmart independent of Eudora.
In the meantime I have suffered, among other things, a disc crash, so that I have lost the modifications from version to version
If the beta-tester (I can't remember his name), who provided me with the error message in case of e-mail threads on the Treo 600, were so kind to get in contact with me again, I would be very grateful.

Fixed bug which did not allow to save the e-mail threads of the Treo 600.

Fixed bug which caused mailbox names that contained blanks not to work.
Added timeref and timecorr parameters to Tresmart.ini file syntax.
This last change is all I can do right now to correct the bug which causes the messages of the Treo 600 to be saved with wrong timestamps. If you have a Treo 600, find the combination that is right for you and let me know. But be very careful when you experiment: every time the timestamp changes, the message is considered to be a different one, and will probably be saved again! So please do the following, to try out changes in timeref and timecorr:
- Make a test mailbox in Eudora,
- change the mbx instruction in Tresmart.ini to point to this test mailbox, and
- comment out (with "//") all mbx instructions containing phone numbers (if you have a license).
For every new combination of timeref and timecorr
- delete all the messages in the test mailbox, and
- click on the three numbers separated by slashes underneath the box which shows the contents of the mailbox (the third number must become "0K").
If you need to save back your messages in your "true" mailbox(es), remember to delete the same messages before running Tresmart. As I said, Tresmart will not consider them to be the same messages, if the timestamps change.

Some fixes to make the format of the .mbx file fully compliant with RFC 2822 (internet mail format).
Fixed bug which sometimes caused a wrong "license is not valid" message.
Fixed missing automatic opening of Tresmart.ini on error on Win98 and WinME.
This version of Tresmart saves any problematic message in a format useful for feedback and thus for fixing the bug, or, if the problem is not within Tresmart, useful for reading the contents of the message anyhow.

Luc Puget has begun translating the website into French!!! If only all beta-testers were like that... :-)

I discovered that you can use Eudora 6 with the icons of Eudora 5! Thank goodness! The icons of Eudora 6 are horrible, IMHO.
Here are the instructions.

I have decided to implement the output to Outlook Express.
The only problem is WHEN...

Now gives a warning with the whole message contents if a problem was found, and skips the message.

Better error message when Eudora registry entries are not found.
Bug fixed: myname, mynumber and fill can now be empty to set default value.
Displays at what byte it finds a corrupted message.

With installation program.
The documentation is now mostly on the website.

Tresmart Treo 600 supported.

Tresmart fixed bug which caused Tresmart not to work on all versions of Windows.

Tresmart improvements to the licensing part.

Tresmart sent to two beta-testers.

I have decided to make available Tresmart to others, and have given it its current name.
Birth of

Tresmart is born as a personal project.